Social Youth Responsibility Program

To provide Mixed Martial Arts classes to kids and Teenagers from diverse backgrounds.

About the Program:

AB MMA Youth program aims at providing sponsored classes to less privileged but otherwise deserving youths who strive to learn the art of MMA. We hope to achieve this with the assistance of non-profit groups, youth organizations, and private sponsors. We created this program to enable less financially privileged youths the opportunity at a discipline-oriented sport.

Our goal:

AB MMA believes that the art of Jiu-Jitsu along with other MMA courses can help youngsters gain the confidence, discipline, and fundamental life skills needed for the success of their adulthood. Therefore, our main goal is to teach martial art to youngsters in an effort to build character, spiritual strength, and physical fitness by providing classes that teach respect and discipline while in a fun and safe environment.

How to Qualify for the Program:

Youths interested in participating in this program must first submit a written letter expressing why they believe this sponsorship would be beneficial and important to them. Parents or legal guardians must also be involved and concur with enrollment. Youths will be chosen through different qualifications assessments as well as sponsorship and class availability.