Muay Thai Instructors

Michael Mananquil - Head Instructor

A native to the California Bay Area, Michael Mananquil was born in San Francisco and raised in San Bruno. At the age of 15, Michael began training in Muay Thai under the instruction of Ajarn Sam Phimsoutham. It was through a friend of his father, Glick Mananquil, that had encouraged Michael to learn the art of Muay Thai as a way to deter him from getting involved in troublesome activities. Enrolling into Muay Thai classes was a turning point in his life that paved the way to becoming who he is today – a talented and skillful individual, now a Muay Thai instructor himself, with a charming personality and who is respected and admired by his students and peers.

Michael Mananquil is a professional Muay Thai fighter who trained and competed under the instruction of Ajarn Sam Phimsoutham at World Team USA in San Francisco, CA. He has fought throughout the United States and internationally and holds multiple titles in two weight divisions including the WMC Welterweight World title, WBC International Super Welterweight title, and IKKC World title. Michael is a well-rounded, technical fighter that showcases his skill in each of his fights with precision, effectiveness, and pure strength. His style incorporates the authenticity of traditional Muay Thai into the sport it has evolved into over the years.

Moving forward with future goals, Michael plans to continue teach and train at AB-MMA to improve and broaden his skills and to compete with the best fighters in the world in hopes of bringing good fortune, success, positive recognition and happiness to his family, his trainer, his team mates and his friends – those who have made him the person and fighter he is today.

Romario da Silva junior

- High-Performance Mixed Martial Artist
- Blackbelt in Kickboxing, BJJ, and Muay Thai
- 23 Professional MMA Wins
Help us welcome Junior to the academy. He will be instructing Muay Thai on Tuesday and Thursday at 7:15pm. Please attend one of the sessions.

Carlo Rodis - Instructor

Vishnu Gulati - Instructor

Cristo Hernandez - Instructor

Victor Chan - Instructor

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