KIDS BJJ & Muay Thai Instructors

Nico Browdis –Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Instructor / BJJ Brown Belt

Nico has been training in different forms of martial arts since he was a young boy. He has dedicated the last 8 years of his life to learn and train Brazilian jiu-jitsu and muay thai with numerous world class instructors, fighters and world champions. Nico is the head instructor for the kids MMA program at AB-MMA Academy. His emphasis in the curriculum is for the children to develop self confidence, discipline, respect, technique and of course to have fun! Martial art has been known to be a great activity for youths of all ages. It helps instill a sense of respect and discipline like no other sport. By enrolling your child in our MMA program, you can expect them to improve their school grades as well as their social and emotional behavior.

Michael Mananquil - Muay Thai Instructor

Michael Mananquil is a professional Muay Thai fighter who trained and competed under the instruction of Ajarn Sam Phimsoutham at World Team USA in San Francisco, CA. He has fought throughout the United States and internationally and holds multiple titles in two weight divisions including the WMC Welterweight World title, WBC International Super Welterweight title, and IKKC World title. Michael is a well-rounded, technical fighter that showcases his skill in each of his fights with precision, effectiveness, and pure strength. His style incorporates the authenticity of traditional Muay Thai into the sport it has evolved into over the years.

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