• AB MMA is an awesome gym to train at. I've been training at the gym for two weeks now and absolutely love it! The instructors are very well trained in all aspects.
  • Cardio conditioning: I love the fact that they mix up the work outs, I'll never get bored with this fitness class because they change it up so much!


AB Mixed Martial Arts Academy is the perfect place for anyone who is interested in getting in shape and improving their overall health. Here we believe in the power of working together in a fun, safe and engaging environment that motivates all that are part of it. Your health should be taken very seriously. However, the way you treat it can be done in a variety of fun ways. So get out of the “gym” mode and come see what Mixed Martial Arts and AB can do for you!

Our Instructors

The instructors at AB MMA are passionate about their art and love what they do. Students will feel welcome as they become part of combined goal to achieve their very best.

Our instructors are friendly, knowledgeable and eager to teach. No matter what your fitness level is, we are positive that you will greatly benefit from one of our instructors expertise.


AB Mixed Martial Art classes are all taught by true MMA champions and professionals. Our classes are designed to not only make you learn but also have fun and enjoy yourself while doing so. Here we are a team formed by the best aimed at making sure you excel at your health and life. Our classes are fun, intense, personalized and efficient.

Come in and enjoy a free BJJ or fitness class . We guarantee you will never step foot in a regular gym again. AB MMA – Become part of our team!

AB MMA Location in Bay Area

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