"Give your children the opportunity to gain confidence and focus through the art of MMA!" Come in to visit us and receive a FREE introductory class of your choice! AB MMA - Training Champions for Life as well as in the octagon!

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AB MMA Elite Package

Sign a 1 year AB Elite Package contract and receive UNILIMITED, FULL access to ALL classes offered.

AB Elite members will enjoy;

–         Unlimited access to ALL featured classes which include;

AB Jiu-Jitsu, AB NO GI Jiu-Jitsu, AB Muay Thai, AB Cardio Conditioning, AB MMA and AB Self Defense.

–         Free “required” gear for ALL classes. (GI, Muay Thai gloves, hand wraps and shorts, Cardio Conditioning t-shirt and AB MMA T-shirt.)

–         Unlimited access to ALL AB MMA seminars.

–         Personalized locker room storage.

–         2 Private and Individualized lessons with a World Champion Instructor.


Get ALL this for $249.00(Price is per month and a 1 year contract is required.)


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